Pregalvanised fence is called, the fact that only pregalvanised materials are used (to produce an inexpensive fence). In our partner factory, e.g., pregalvanised pipes and wires are used, and then are welded together By machine. I.E. in the welds or wire ends it can come to flight or rust educations. (lower pictures). The full-galvanised fences (e.g., the fence professional) are accordingly more expensive, because these specially to the Verzinkerei delivered, and there (Diving) or become hot-dip galvanised (upper pictures). Because the zinc price is very high, a full-galvanised fence is mostly very expensive. If an inexpensive fence is searched, we recommend the pregalvanized fence. Since by the possible, minimum oxidation and the wire ends or sweat points the fence life is not shortened noticeably.


Pre galvanised