Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingung der Firma Bernfjord  Bauzaun Stand: März 2017

§ 1 Universal

  1. To all completion of the contract, deliveries and other achievements, lie, provided that not other expressly agreed taking second place terms of business. As far as the achievements exists in the renting of rent articles and other roadblock materials, the rent conditions of the contract of the company Bernfjord Fence lie to reason.
  2. Divergent terms of business are valid only with written approval of the company Bernfjord fence.
  3. Conflicting agreements are only valid if they are confirmed by the company Bernfjord Fence in writing.

§ 2 Contract conclusion

  1. company Bernfjord Fence has not expressly issued a written connection declaration. The contract comes about only with the written confirmation of the company Bernfjord Fence.
  2. Verbal additional agreements and changes of the contract need to her effectiveness of the written confirmation by the company Bernfjord Fence

§ 3 Prices and payment condition

  1. The prices as well as all offers, confirmations of order and calculations of the company Bernfjord Fence get on in EURO of €.
  2. As far as no price of the product is agreed, the calculation occurs after on the dispatch day or delivery date at the company Bernfjord Fence to generally valid prices. The prices get on from camp Hamburg-Harburg untill other in writing is agreed.
  3. The invoice amount is provided that nothing else is agreed, immediately after calculation preservation net cash without deduction to the payment due. Nevertheless, maturity enters at the latest from the delivery, is valid otherwise payment by precash
  4. With buyer cash payment is valid with collection (high-speed train map payment is not possible).

§ 4 Delivery terms

  1. Dates of delivery and terms of delivery are only obliging if these are confirmed by the company Bernfjord Fence in writing. Additional Änderungs of the customer extend an adequate delivery time
  2. The company Bernfjord Fence is, in reasonable extent to the part deliveries entitled.
  3. If events of the prementioned possibilities of an essential rise of the origin costs lead the company Bernfjord Fence is entitled within the scope of the legal regulations to raise the price conformistly, or if this is not possible or the customer refuses the rise to withdraw from the contract.
  4. With higher power or other circumstances not to be represented by the shop assistant like fire and explosion, flood, official measures, strike or lockout, From and import bans, delay etc. delay of delivery does not enter. The company Bernfjord Fence is also entitled in the precalled cases to withdraw from the contract. A right to rescind is entitled in before called cases to the customer when the agreed date of delivery is crossed in more than three months. The customer can withdraw when the company Bernfjord does not explain fence at a request of the customer immediately whether she withdraws or delivers within adequate term. In case of the resignation the company Bernfjord Fence is not obliged to supply later the unusual amount
  5. If The company Bernfjord fence gets with the delivery in delay, the customer has to put to her an adequate extension. At the end of this extension the customer can withdraw with regard to the not delivered part till then of the product from the contract.
  6. Of the dangers crossing on the customer occurs with the handing over of the product to the forwarding agent, at the latest nevertheless, with the abandonment of the camp. The company Bernfjord Fence does not arise for damages or loss which suffers the product on the transport. The assurance of the transport risk is a thing of the customer. If the dispatch is delayed if requested or from fault of the customer, the company Bernfjord stores fence at the expenses of the customer.
  7. The customer can require from the company Bernfjord Fence a delay damage only if the latter intention or coarse carelessness is a burden

§ 5 Reservation of proprietary rights

  1. Delivered product remains a property of the company Bernfjord Fence up to the entire payment of all obligations from the business connection.
  2. With not timely communication of objections or fault Rügen the delivery is valid as approved; guarantee claims are not entitled to the customer at the end of this term any more.

§ 6 Guarantee

  1. With entitled objections finishing touches or spare delivery occur after choice of the company Bernfjord Fence. If the company Bernfjord lets fence spread an extension sedate to her without repairing the lack, the right is entitled to the customer after his choice to require cancellation of the contract (change) or lowering of the purchase price (decrease).

§ 7 Universal liability limitation

  1. Compensation claims of the customer from fault by completion of the contract, injury of contractual accessory obligations and unauthorised action are excluded, unless, they are based on intention or coarse carelessness by the company Bernfjord Fence and one of her employees.

§ 8 Court state

  1. Place of fulfilment and exclusive legal venue for deliveries and payments as well as all disputes proving between the parties is, as far as the customer independent commercial agent, legal entity of the public right or publicly juridical special property is, the head office of the company Bernfjord Fence Hamburg-Harburg Germany.
  2. It is worth the right of the Federal Republic of Germany. This is also valid, as far as a foreign legal venue is prescribed compelling to the exclusion of the Lean purchase right.


Terms and condition